1.How to start

A.Down our lab slip and fill it with detailed instructions

B. Prepare the silicon impression with bite (when necessary), then print your commercial invoice for customs and an air waybill from international express company from UPS/DHL/Fedex…

C. Inform us the tracking number. We will pay for the shipping cost back to your office whenever you send over 10 cases in one package.

Turnaround Time

In 3-4 working days since the day we received the impressions you can expect an email regarding the tracking number of your finished dental restorations.

1.How many technicians in your dental lab?

– We have more than 100 technicians.

2.What are your company main products?

– We are specialized in all kinds of denture works. For example: Crown & bridge, Removable Restoration, Implant, Precision attachment, orthodontics.

3.How long time your warranty?

– We provide 2 years warranty.

4. Do you receive oral scan STL files to do digital cases?

— Yes, please contact us for the Price

5. Are you using safety material?

– Yes, all of our materials are FDA, ISO13485, ISO9001, CE certificated.

7. Payment terms?

– T/T, Paypal are accepted

8. What is the minimum order quantity?

– No Minimum order required.

9. How about Turnaround time?

– 2- 3 days for PFM, Denture, CCP Framework, Zirconia. 5- 7 days for complicated cases